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Leather and Dubbin

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The Ultimate Leather Finish / Dressing Any Leathercrafter can Use!

I have successfully made my own Dubbin: I rendered sheep fat for the tallow (beautiful white stuff - also good for cooking and preparing cast iron cookware), and then I added Beeswax and Neatsfoot oil and a few other extras. The result is all I expected and I do not feel anxious any more about having to import my Dubbin from South Africa!

 Why I Like DUBBIN so Much! 

Answers to DUBBIN critics

Some DUBBIN Links:

The Light Horse Assoc. - Good Description of Leather Care

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm Page - On the uses of animal fats

The DubbinTernet - a strange site about Dubbin

Etherington & Roberts Dictionary from Stanford

Lighthouse Leather - Maine, USA - Supplier

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