Neck Purses

With Christmas around the corner, you may want to make a few quick gifts for the young kids in your family: a small coin pocket that hangs from a lace around the neck.

Their shape is not very crucial, so you can just draw up your own pattern from looking at these pictures. Even the construction of these are not complicated, so just study the pictures and let me know if you have a question.

The pieces of leather cut and decorated
Assembly is simple
The finished products

New take on Basketweave

Tom of Boarshead came up with this idea and I will probably mostly do basketweave backgrounding like this!

This is a piece of leather stamped with the basket weave background and Block-out resist painted on every second line of stamping
After applying Dark Brown Antique Gel

This one was done by Tim:

Ons this piece only the 'tops' of the weave was coated with Block-out. You can still see some spots that have not dried completely.
Medium brown Hi-Lighter (Tandy Item #2608-03) made this design come alive.

Here is another one I tried – this time with Super Sheen and a mix of Briar Brown and Raisin Mahogany Eco-Flo Hi-Lite Stain.