More on the Rope Effect Border

The Use of the triangle stamp can be applied to a few other very effective borders.

Below the photos you can read some instructions on the other designs.
The second image shows use of some nice borders and effects for a book cover.


The first of these designs start with a row of evenly spaced impressions with a checkered beveler.  #J

Turn the leather around and make impressions with the same beveler in the other direction.  This will have the effect of a ribbon woven through the leather.  #K

Add diagonally opposed impressions with F910, and it now looks is if the ribbon is twisted as it is woven through the leather. #L

The second border design shows a line of basket weave stamps used end-to-end:  two different stamps are shown for this at #M  and  #O.

Now add The F910 stamp again in diagonal fashion and you have a whole new border to play around with. #N and #P

In the third line you make little squares with a checkered beveler – I first stamped a row of them next to each other. #Q  Then I add the top and bottom sides of the little square and lastly the fourth side of the little square opposite to  the first side.

At #S you can see the added effect of using F910 in opposite corners and at #T you can see how it changes whe you use F910 on two side-by-side corners.

See more variations using the same F910 tool at the LEATHERLEARN WEBSITE.

I hope you enjoy playing with this!