Quick effective belt

Need a fast gift?

This is a pre-embossed belt.  I used water and spirit based dye to roughly add the red and green and purple to the belt design.  I worked fast to get a more organic look.  I did not want a detailed dye job.

So after that was done the belt did not look so hot at all.  

Then I sprayed the belt with two layers of Supersheen to create an even partial resist and coated it with Chestnut Tan High-lite stain.   It outlined the tooling and gave the belt, even with the red and green, a very natural look!


4 thoughts on “Quick effective belt”

  1. Fabulous work! It’s great to see some clear, detailed instructions from someone who obviously knows what their doing. Thanks so much for sharing – really appreciate it!

  2. Great job, that’s what I am generally after. But I only have the acrylic dyes, so do I paint on the acrylic first and then use the antiquing stain or do the antiquing first?

  3. You can do it both ways – antique over the acrylic paint will mean a more subdued acrylic color – and doing the acrylic over the antique will have a brighter color from the acrylic.

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