Braiding a Foundation Knot

I will expand on this posting later – just want to get the video out there quick.

If you are looking at this on Facebook, I do not think the videos shows up – so you will have to look at this post in the original blog:  

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Thanks to my friend Mark Sampson, my capcam works excelent so that you can see on the videos exactly what I see!

Come back often – I will have this instruction much more complete with all the do’s and dont’s of tying this knot.   Suggestions and feedback will be most welcome to j  at

Here is the basics:

Second part:

Please ask questions if anything is unclear!

3 thoughts on “Braiding a Foundation Knot”

  1. I am trying to learn to put a foundation knot on the end of a rope. Can you explain how to go from where the knot is on the stick to the knot on the end of a single piece of rope? As a beginning novice, this is very confusing.



  2. Thank you for these great videos. The trouble you’ve gone to, to make them is greatly appreciated by learning leather-workers like me!

    I saw a video (linked from Johan) showing a South African made (homemade) circular lace cutter – PLEASE could you tell me if this is made commercially, and if not, as I suspect… whether there are some more detailed design descriptions or plans that I could use to make one myself. I couldn’t make out the structure of the cutter from the video.

  3. Unfortunately I do not have any further details of this cutter. I photographed it on a visit to the South African leather guild and the guy who designed and made it does not have a web presence.

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