Using Eco-flo Pro-Stain

Probably one of the top stains on the market today for the leathercrafter.
To quote the Tandy Website:

“It’s a blend of natural and synthetic waxes, dye-stuffs and binders with high penetration and dyeing power. This stain will not bleed or rub off. Colors can be mixed to form different hues. It can also be thinned with water to reduce intensity.”

BUT, it has to be applied properly to be effective. Remember also that it was developed as a stain to color large areas of leather. However, I have used it very successfully with a small brush in selected areas only.

One of the most important points for getting good even coverage on the leather: SATURATE the LEATHER with the DYE/STAIN. If that gives you a too dark finish, then DILUTE the dye / stain!

Embossing with Plugs

One of the first steps in putting a second layer of leather on the plug. I lay the tracing film over the bottom plug layer and trace the outline – i.e. the size I want to cut the leather for the second layer. I also trace the lines that indicate the “valleys” between muscles, so that I can cut those into the plug.

The plug very much simulates the actual final carving as far as detail is concerned.

The next step is cutting out the plug:

…and then you glue the piece of leather onto the rest …

Let’s swap to the other arm where the glue has dried and here we start the sculpting proper:

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