At the Start of Lent

A few thoughts:

The secret of life: to be in the right relationship with God and also with all people.

Of course, there are many aspects to the term ‘right’.

One such aspect: not to leave a relationship carnage behind you in your life’s journey.

The challenge then is to think twice before you speak your mind, send an email or ‘attack’ people in any other way.

The bottom line is to be nice to all people all the time. Not false nice – really nice. You should leave behind you people who feel good to have been in your presence and who feel that you have enriched their lives.

Can everybody live this way? Not instantly, no. You have to work at it, but the Holy Spirit will give you an awareness of when you are not being nice to everybody.

Humility helps. Someone who wants the last say and wants to be unkind to another person, lacks basic humility. Humility also does not come to us too naturally. We have to work at it, again dependent on and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

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