Running Walking against Malaria

On Saturday morning more than a hundred of us got together in a park in Eagan to raise money for a fight against Malaria.

You can read more about the whole program at this LINK

Our local Bishop Sally was there to start off the event and to run herself!

Jacques came up from Mankato for the event.  Here he is between Pastor Judy and Dianne, a very good friend.

Here are a few more photographs:

Here are two small videos I took before I was off with the walkers – I did it barefoot and had a really fun time!

Wilhelm’s Confirmation

So today was Wilhelm’s big day at church – Confirmation. The emphasis in our church is not so much of becoming a full adult member of the church, but rather confirmation of the baptism vowes your parents took for you.

After the sermon, all the confirmants said their vowes as a group and then they went up to the front one by one, accompanied by parents and then both pastors and parents laid their hands on them and blessed them. They were then given small gold crosses to remember the day with. Afterwards there was much congratulations and smiles all round.