No snow 5 Years Ago

Refering back to my journal of five years ago, there were no snow on the ground then either. But I did find this quote:

“Ek wou nou al n paar keer vir my handskoene koop, maar soos met baie ander dinge hier, loop ek dan weer by die winkel uit sonder om iets te koop. Daar is net eenvoudig te groot keuse van alles. n Eenvoudige voorbeeld is ‘toothpics’. Dis nie net die plattes en rondes waaraan ons gewoond is nie: dis plasties, hout, vierkantig, plat, rond, reenboogkleure, met strikkies aan, individueel verpak, in houertjies wat weer netso groot verskeidenheid het en dan nog gegeurde toothpics!”

Translated: “I have been meaning to buy myself a pair of gloves, but, as with so many other articles here, time and time again I leave the shop without a purchase. There is simply too many different versions of an article to pick from. A simple example is toothpics. Apart from the flat and round ones we are used to, you get toothpics made of plastic and wood, round and square, all colors of the rainbow, individually wrapped or in just so many varied containers again – and then flavoured toothpics!”

The choices are still there, but I have now learnt to stand fast in the shop and make my choice. And the more carefully you look, the more choices you discover.

Like I did for masking tape: not only did I find the normal one in all the widths (all of them come in all the widths), I found one for use on painted surfaces and yet another for use on freshly painted surfaces, one for waterproof work and various others.

We are spoilt by all these choices – you come to expect them!

In the mean time we have no choice but to sit and wait for temperatures to go low enough for snow to accumulate.