Jacques’ Farm Adventure

Jacques was invited by a friend of his from Renaissance Faire to work on her farm for the summer.  Jacques grasped the opportunity and on June 13 we took him to the farm on the other side of Canton, MN, right near the Iowa border.

I will post snippets of what we get from him here so that you can all share in his adventure.  I really does sound as if he is having a marvelous time!

One of the first things he had to do was to buy a pair of boots that would help for farm work.

When we got there Sunday, it had rained a lot and we could not go walk-about too much because of all the mud.  So here we are getting to know Jacques’ new boss for the summer, Inga.

I will put some excerpts from Jacques and Inga’s facebook pages here between the photos.

Jacques – 9.00am – 6/14/10: About to eat breakfast. A bull fell into the milking pit today, fun. Then we had to get two bulls into the milking bay. The only problem was that they weigh 1500 pounds and don’t want to go in there… Yay more funness. I love it here.

Inga – 11.00am – 6/14/10: Sent the Intern out to milk cows with the Amish. Second time milking and he had a bull fall into the pit with him. He’s fine, the bulls fine, so it’s the best second milking EVER. 🙂

Jacques – 5.20pm – 6/14/10: Just dropped off alot of meat in Rochester, while there I was gifted a leatherman KICK, it’s a awesome multi tool. Resting for a little while before we go and prepare for milking cows.

Jacques – 9.40am – 6/16/10: Got kicked by a cow today… Fun right. Me thinks my boss wishes it was her instaid of the cow. Happy here. Peacefull, very bussy days. Yesterday I spotted a limping bull. Inga says too much sex. I agree. They weigh a lot and falling from a cow can hurt. I’m sleepy.

Inga – 9.30am – 6/16/10: Intern got kicked this morning by a cow. At least it wasn’t me kicking him, right? (he’s fine.)

Jacques’ hand got bruised – Gina advised telephonically about what to do and to find out if any damage was done – but his hand is fine!

Inga maintains a blog about her farm work and what happens there.  You van have a look at :

Inga’s Blog

Here is an extract from there for 6/17/10  (She calls Jacques the ‘intern’ or ‘Ginger’:

Sitting here watching, well, listening to Baby Bro and Ginger play Halo 3.  It’s been a full day on the farm.  My feet are sore, my legs are sore, and I remember why I like my ATV.  There are a few paddocks that are just too dangerous to drive thru when setting up paddock, so ya have ta hoof it.  I was showing Ginger how I wanted him to do things, so I walked it with him. Quick study, I’ll give him that!  I felt comfortable showing him where to start, but then letting him set up the next polywire by himself.  I was only a paddock over, setting up a third paddock, but still, it was really nice I didn’t have to walk all of them.  It was nice that it didn’t rain today.  I don’t mind the rain, but I would like a chance to dry out now and again, especially since I just discovered my roof leaks.  GRUMP.  But I got to put out clothes on the line today to dry, and open my windows to air out my house a bit, so that’s nice.  It’s just disconcerting to not have my towel, properly hung up after my shower, not be dry by the next time I want to shower, 24 hours later.  I’m beginning to feel a little mossy.

However, on the intern front, total victory!  Even tho he got kicked this morning by a cow (not a cos as reported on his facebook feed.)  He went out with pickaxe and shovel and fixed some water bars we have in the lanes to divert the water into the grass and out of the lane, to preserve the lane and not have erosion.  Which was AWESOME.  Especially since it got done very well, and I didn’t have to swing the bally axe!

We also got calves sorted, and moved to a new paddock. The yard got scraped, so I got to play with the skid steer.  I did break a post, tho, so I have to get the bonehead of the day award.  The sky is blue and purple and pink, laced with clouds, and the frogs are chirping.  I got to see tadpoles today.  It’s a day.  🙂