2014 Fourth of July Potjie Day

Every year on the fourth of July friends host this day of potjie kos (Dutch Oven food) cooking and getting together around the cooking area and the swimming pool.  2014 was no exception.  It was nice and cool this year.

Early on the cooks start looking busy around their pots – the heat has got to be right, the recipes are either on paper or well memorized.

I don’t faff too much with the pot after everything has been packed into it.   In stead I had some fun with my phone camera that has some snazzy effects:

The pool was popular while the sun was out and little Juicy dog could not  get enough of the water.

Ethan also enjoyed the swimming pool a lot – I heard him as dad a few times to go swim….

At one stage everybody was eating and poor Juicy was left all on her own.   I could not resist this photo of her sitting forlornly in the water on the pool steps waiting for someone to come and have fun with her.

When Mark announces “time to eat”, the lids come off and everybody gets introduced to the type of pots that are available to eat from.

The virgin pots also have to be photographed quite extensively …..

Desserts are a whole different story – home made ice cream from an American and the rest all traditional South African treats!

Much discussion takes place – sometimes people only see each other once a year at the 4th of July.

As the evening creeps nearer, the pots have to make way for a bonfire, and more good conversation.

My photographs are out of sequence to keep you on your toes…..

This is not a second session – it is from earlier in the morning.








And now we wait for next year to do it all over again!

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