Short Vacation Day One

After a long stressful time we decided to take a break – not to Arizona as we would have liked, but to the north shore of Lake Superior (a bit more reasonable price wise).

We left on Sunday morning, intent on spending a few days doing as little as possible.  (I did have a lot of electronics packed in my bag, but that was so that I could play with toys that there would ususlly not be time for.)

Up on I35, past Duluth and then we hit Highway 61:

We had gotten a sweet deal from Chateau Leveaux, who still considered this time of year to be off-season.  The little condo we got had a beautiful view looking east over Lake Superior.  It was like being at the sea.

From the two big easy chairs, it was only a few steps to get to the kitchen area.

The previous Friday, Gina’s mother had an emergency operation, so we were never too far away from our cell phones.

My brain just about died after a delicious stir-fry dinner …. so that was the end of day one.

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