Getting ready for a big project.

A Facebook friend of mine, Marc Carlson, have been posting one photograph per day and he is planning to do a full 365 days of photos. This inspired me to do the same, so now I am doing the homework to see what vehicle to use for this.
I want it to be a glimpse of our surroundings for our family and friends in South Africa and also a nice record for us to look back on.

This will also be a mini tribute to Marc : he was the very first person I identified on the web and whose writings of the Internet I enjoyed. This was when the Internet was only text based and mostly used for sharing University documents. The document I found, put out there by Marc, dealt with the heat hardening of leather. I have that same document not quoted in my leather instruction blog.

I have to decide on where the graphics should be stored for this blog, how to group them and how to present them. Hopefully I will be ready in January first to kick off this fun project.

To help test, I took this picture this morning on the train going on to work.


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