A Positive Year – Week One

So here is something new I am going to try to do this year. Publish something once a week about the preceding week. And it can only be positive.

I enjoyed the one photo a day I did on Facebook last year. It opened my eyes a lot to things going on around me and to notice beautiful things in my surroundings.

I almost had withdrawal symptoms from that project.

The first of the year was on a Sunday and I could not help noticing this very good start to publishing about a positive year.

It was also a very cold week – yes, that is positive – it kills the mosquitos, it makes me appreciate warm weather in autumn summery and spring and it makes for beautiful days when the sun comes out in full blast!

I went to look at one of my favorite spots on the Mississippi River. No barefooting this time though!

It was just spectacular with a blue sky and the ice on the river. On the far side the water was open.

So, what does it mean to be more positive?? Being blind to the negative in life?

No, I think one should just think about your first reaction to everything you observe. A positive attitude can do a lot for physical health and happiness.

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