Barefooting 103

Some reflections after almost a year living as shoe-less as possible.

It just gets better all the time!  It is almost as if I am getting more and more feeling and a sense of touch back in my feet.  It is an absolute joy to step out the back door in the mornings onto the pebble paving of the back yard.  Like having a quick mini reflexology treatment.

I currently have a routine where I leave my shoes for work and my flip flops for shops in my car. So the only times I really wear any footwear is at work and when I go into businesses.

The shoes are two pairs of Leming Footwear – they look like regular shoes, but they have no heels and no shape in their soles – I have written about them before.  And I can wash them every week! 

My feet are far less tender than they have ever been, but, as I have stated before, it is as if they feel more.  They are never swollen any more and I have far more balance than I have ever had before.

We were lucky that the 2011/2012 winter was not harsh at all – and when it is cold it is not to difficult to wear  socks with my Lemings.  Andrew Rademacher of Leming Footwear just made it known that they plan more model shoes for next year and hopefully these will included better winter wear.

So, here is why I mention shoes every now and again:  For me it is simply impossible to go barefoot 24/7.  I go barefoot for health and pleasure – not to make a point.  The winters here in Minnesota will make it dangerous and uncomfortable to spend too long outside.  And the company I work for does not want our dress to get too informal and I respect that, so when I have to, I do wear my Lemings.

If you really want to know how I feel about the first year of Barefooting, imagine the following scenario:
For thirty or forty years you are required to wear thick chopper mittens all of your waking hours – whatever the work you do.  And you just make do and you cope, because that is what society demands of you.

Then one day you are allowed to take them off and you feel all the wonderful textures your hands have never been allowed to touch.  Can you imagine the sheer joy that would give you?

Well, that is how I feel about walking barefoot wherever I can and as often as I can.

Just think of your shoes of sensory deprivation chambers, because that is exactly what they are.  Together with that, they are dark and damp and warm breeding chambers for bacteria.

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  1. I like the idee and is going to try it. I usually walk bearfoot, even at work in my office. I believe to be in contact with Mother Gaia all the time.Thanks for the good example

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