The New Scion

Well, as I said to Gina Saturday, I better go photograph the new car while it is still so pristinely clean!  So we went to a local park in the beautiful sunshine and had some fun with the cameras.

One of the secrets was to see how I could avoid getting my own shadow or reflection in the photo.

I could just not stop clicking.

The RS 9.0 is for “Release Series 9.0”.   Only 1500 Scion xB’s were made in this configuration and I have number 1354.  This pic had no hassles with shadows – Wilhelm did the shadow puppet wolf!

This is the only photo where I did a bit of photoshop on the background:

The front emblem – this one the reflection was intentional.

Here I also did my best to get in a good reflection, but at the time of taking the picture, I did not realise the frost of the night before had left all the specs on the glass.


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